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I remember the first time I heard this (awful) term. It was when I was still in high school. And believe it or not, I believe I first heard it from my mom, or at least I heard it from someone else and asked her what it meant because I had no idea. For those of you who don’t know what this endearing euphemism is, it means that you get a flat, wide butt from sitting too much – hence the term “secretary’s spread” – which was also heavily associated with lots of cellulite.

Not too flattering, I know!  But this term is generally associated with an inactive lifestyle where someone sits a lot, and believe me, I sit at a desk all day so I’m constantly battling to stay up and about and get my butt moving so that I don’t gain any more weight in this area, which is already fairly buxom on me since I come from a family of women with small waists and larger butts.

Hey, as long as I can keep the cellulite to a reasonable minimum on my rear, I’m ok with having a little more “junk in my trunk” I guess!  But what if you have the sort of job where you sit at a desk all day?  Are there things you can do to avoid this dreaded effect of sitting all day long?

Well yes, I’m happy to report that you can prevent secretary’s spread, but it does take a combination of a sensible diet that’s low in fat as well as calories and also it requires that you get up and moving as much as you can throughout the day to combat the effect of gravity and that chair constantly grinding into your ass!

I try to get up several times a day, and even when I’m in the bathroom stall at work, I do several squats and stretches throughout the day, not only to keep me limber, but also for keeping my muscles from atrophying and also to keep the circulation going.

We are not creatures that were designed to sit all day. Sedentary lifestyles are one of the biggest reasons we face obesity at such high levels today, so getting up and moving is vital to your health, and you mental well being!   And oh yeah, it doesn’t hurt your butt and how your rear looks either!

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