All Star Workouts on Fit TV Offers Variety

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I haven’t yet tried one of the “All Star Workouts” on Fit TV, which is a subsidiary or sister station of the Discovery channel that happens to be one of my favorite and most recorded television stations as of late. What All Star Workouts offers is a daily dose of different types of workouts, from salsa dancing and other dance types of workouts that are actually fun, like belly dancing, to military style or kickboxing types of workouts that offer a more direct, straight forward, butt kicking cardio workout.

There are different instructors that do the workout every time, so you also get a variety of attitudes, approaches and looks as far as the instructors go, and we all know the instructor can make all the difference in your workout. Fit TV has really diversified it’s offerings now, seemingly offering a little something for everyone. They have the Namaste Yoga series that offers the hatha vinyasa yoga workouts that relax and rejuvenate, and also heart pounding workouts by Gilad and other instructors that are working their way up in fame.

I don’t always do the workouts on fit Tv but it’s a great way to spice up your exercise routines and prevent boredom and help to create and maintain muscle confusion, which is excellent for keeping muscle tone and burning excess calories off. Plus, you’ll likely have fun keeping in shape.

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