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If you’re like me, you look for cardio workouts that blast calories in as short a time as possible, but also offer a very low joint impact workout.  That’s why I’m reviewing the Body by Jake Cardio Cruiser Plus today, since it fits both bills and gets the job done with minimum impact to your joints and your body, as well as maximum calorie burning for the best use of your undoubtedly precious time.

Have you ever done a workout that blasted calories, but you also felt really sore and may have even injured yourself the next day?  Well, this machine is ergonomically designed so that your joints are cushioned and not constantly subject to repeated trauma as in running on pavement or a treadmill, or even on some types of fitness equipment that are high impact in nature.

If I had to compare the very reasonably priced cardio cruiser plus to another machine, I’d say it’s much like an elliptical machine, only it’s much less expensive and takes up less space.

You are also in a seated position while doing the incredibly effective exercise which involves the upper and lower body (hence it’s mega calorie burning potential), so you are comfortable and you can even easily watch the television while you are on this machine.  The movement is extremely smooth, again contributing to it’s minimum impact on your body, and the movement seems natural yet challenging.

I’d have to say it is much more “comfortable” than an elliptical machine, although I don’t know if comfortable is a suitable choice for a piece of calorie burning equipment, but I think you catch my drift.

The Cardio Cruiser Plus also has the option of a heart rate monitor for a reasonable additional cost, and believe me, the cost of the piece of machinery is so low that you’d probably be shocked.  I personally feel like this is a great addition since the machine doesn’t come with one, and it’s always handy to know your resting vs. exercising heart rate so you can set goals for yourself in this arena.

Another reason why I’m giving this machine a very positive review is because the Cardio Cruiser Plus reminds me of another one of my favorite pieces of workout equipment, the recumbent bike, only it takes even that piece of machinery up a notch by adding the arms into the workout, increasing the calorie burn by that much more.  As many fitness experts would agree, putting the upper and lower body together in any cardio workout is what gives you that maximum burn in minimum time.

It’s the backbone of circuit training since it gives people with hectic schedules that biggest bang for their buck and gets them on their way and about their life sooner than exercises that burn minimum calories and yet take more time since you have to do them longer.

The recumbent bike is great for leaning back and reading a book, and granted you can’t really do that with the cardio cruiser unless you don’t want to use the arms, but you can easily watch the television and comfortably.

You may think because the Cardio Cruiser is so reasonably priced that it’s not sturdy, but it really is. It’s a lot sturdier than you’d think, and it’s also pretty lightweight construction, so you can easily move it around the house if you need to move it to another location.  You are getting so many body parts with this machine that you really don’t get with most other fitness machines.

The Cardio Cruiser Plus gives you ab tension, so your abs are working during the workout, it also works the thighs, the buttocks, the arms (no more lunch lady arms when you use this sucker all the time, trust me), the lower legs, the waist and probably even more muscles that you don’t even realize you have due to it’s unique positioning of the body and the upper/lower lever type workout it offers, forcing your body to move in ways it’s not used to.

You can easily get a very good workout in on this machine in about 25 minutes, and then you’re off to your floor work for a great all around, well rounded workout that will have you giving good reviews to the Cardio Cruiser Plus too.  And the price?  That just makes this piece of equipment all that much more enticing to add to your workout agenda.   Oh, and how can I forget, free shipping too, at least for now.

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