By Fit4Life | August 23, 2010 - 12:35 pm - Posted in Sports Nutrition
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Unfortunately, the great tasting whey protein powder that so many people use when they are trying to build lean muscle by supplementing it with extra pure, lean protein, has an uncomfortable and often embarrassing side effect. That side effect is constipation.

You may be able to offset this side effect if you are just adding a few scoops of whey protein powder to a pure fresh fruit smoothie, since the fiber in the fruit may offset the constipation causing ingredients.

However, if you are just drinking a shake made with whey protein powder and milk or water, then you very well may be one of those sensitive individuals that has problems with passing waste once you’ve digested this constipating protein.

A good alternative is to find a simple supplement for building lean muscle that does not involve making a protein shake like whey does. Nitric oxide is a great supplement that is in pill form that is non constipating and helps your muscle to recover by supplying them with the additional strength and recovery in between workouts.

There are other types of protein powders that are not as constipating. There is soy protein powder, and other vegan based powders that do not include any diary products or animal byproducts, and those do not seem to have the constipating effect.

Also, you can always just increase your protein intake by eating egg whites, which are an excellent source of lean, fat free and low calorie protein (I think there is a whole 12 calories or something in an entire egg white, which is awesome calorie density for such a high protein food item).

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