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I work out in two different places – at home and at work. At home, we are lucky enough to have an elliptical machine and a nice weight set as well as a floor work mat complete with an ab cruncher that we can safely do situps on without injuring our backs.

One big difference I’ve noticed between the ellipticals that I work out on at work and the one we have at home is that the one we have at home, which happens to be a Horizon elliptical machine, that I love, has the handle bars that go back and forth as you glide, whereas the one at work does not, and I have to move my arms myself if I want upper and lower cardio action.

I think it’s important for me, personally, to get the best workout possible for my body type, which is the type that tends to maintain weight in my upper arms a lot, to get a good upper body workout as well as lower. I also think that it tones as well as burns off fat in that localized area if you have the arm handle bars, so that you can sculpt your arms easily.

If you have to manually just move your arms back and forth in a swinging motion, and you don’t have that extra added resistance of a handle bar going back and forth, you really don’t fee it in your arms like you do when you’re done on an elliptical machine with the handle bars. I don’t think it’s just me either, as others have also said they feel they get better workouts on the ellipticals with the arms handles.

Another thing is, I feel like it allows me to align my back and spine better with the arms levers because I am actually forcing myself to stand up straighter, as well as getting that good resistance muscle building which may help to strengthen the back and make the posture better, naturally. That’s my two cents, and I think some other people might agree with me on that, whether they own a Horizon elliptical or another popular one like the ProForm elliptical machine, both of which come with and without the arm levers for extra movement and cardio work.

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