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I’m really a fan of the elliptical machine, in case you haven’t noticed by the elliptical machine reviews we’ve posted on a couple different models here. Ellipticals are my favorite piece of work out cardio equipment because of their ability to help elongate the legs as well as keep them lean instead of bulking them up, like I feel the treadmill does for me.

I limit my use of treadmills because of my body’s personal tendency to get bulky in the quad area and when I walk or run, I tend to use this muscle the most. That’s just me though, I know tons of people, men and women alike, who love what a treadmill does for their body and their fitness level.

I love ellipticals, but I really have a love for ellipticals with moving arms, because they allow me to work on my three biggest trouble spots all at once. Those trouble spots being by thighs, buttocks, and my arms. My arms tend to not get very toned and firm easily, and they do tend to retain fat liek the other parts of my body do when I gain a few pounds, so I love a machine that can target it all at once.

Moving arms on an elliptical, versus the kind with just rails on the side for gripping that don’t move, can mean a lot more challenging workout as well. Just take the test for yourself. If you’ve ever used the one with moving arms, try working out on an elliptical machine without using the arms, and you will see that you do not get out of breath as quickly.

So in addition to getting better muscle toning allover, you also get a little better cardio workout when the elliptical has moving arms. If you prefer to move your arms but are on an elliptical without this feature, then just move your arms in a running motion on your own, and you can simulate this by yourself then.

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