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After purchasing my 4 person far infrared sauna, which I love because I can lay down  in it, as a customer and enthusiast for these excellent, health-enhancing products, I wanted to share my reviews of the far infrared sauna experience, as well as some well rated brands that are worth a look at.

Let me say before you get to my experience and overview of the far infrared sauna, I am addicted.

I have had mine now for one month, and we have bathed in it every single night without fail. I can say that it is truly the high point of my day, knowing that at night, shortly before bed time, I am going to be surrounded in dry warmth, warming me from head to toe, and filling me with a sense of tranquility while simultaneously soothing my muscles from a hard day’s work, or from a long day at the office desk.

I think it is the best investment we’ve ever made, and I’m not shy about sharing that with anyone who is thinking of buying this wonderful piece of fitness and health equipment. Since I want to get to the reviews and ratings, let me share the rest of the positive benefits I’ve experience personally from the infrared sauna below, after the far infrared sauna reviews.

We will look at a couple of things when reviewing these far infrared sauna brands : Are they portable? Is the price good, how is the quality, is the heating element such that you will not get too many hotspots, and does it come with free shipping. Last but not least, is it easy to set up? God knows no one wants to spend their time setting up a sauna and have the result be frustration and disappointment with quality, so we’ve included that in our reviews of portable infrared saunas and regular saunas.

First on our far infrared sauna review list is the Royal SR-600 sauna by SaunaGen. This sauna is a beautiful unit, with it’s solid wood construction – no particle board on this make and model, which is very important, not only for the beauty of the product, but also because only certain woods, and pure, solid wood should be used as it will not emit any harmful byproducts when heated, it’s a sturdy make that you will have for years to come.

It has internal lighting, and also come with a pre-installed radio and CD player so you can listen to some classical or meditative music, or whatever you like while you’re taking your infrared sauna bath. Also, a huge bonus for this model is that it supposedly does not need any special electricity outlet, since it can run off a normal 10 volt plug per the product description which scores a high rating in my book.

It also only takes ten minutes to warm up before you get in, which amounts to a huge savings in electricity as opposed to traditional saunas. All in all, this sauna got great reviews not only for the construction and the superior heat it provided for the ultimate sauna experience, but also for the incredible value and easy assembly. Oh, and it’s totally portable because it has a special construction that doesn’t require nails, bolts or any other permanent fixtures.

In fact, all of the SaunaGen saunas are made incredibly well and the SaunaGen ceramic infrared heaters are top notch, ensuring an even, relaxing heat while you enjoy your quiet spa time. It really is like having a spa in your own home.

Zen Awakening brand saunas are a great choice as well. Well, just look at the name and you know that they are built with an ergonomic feeling in mind for the ultimate in comfort and the best spa-like experience you can get. They have even-heating ceramic far infrared heaters that are placed for optimum radiant heat absorption, which is exactly what soothes the muscles and makes your skin glow from the inside out.

Trust me, since we’ve gotten ours, I’ve never gotten more remarks on how great my skin looks. Many people are asking what kind of treatments I’ve been getting, and I respond by telling them I just soak in the sauna every night for about 30-40 minutes! Zen Awakening is not only an excellent buy, but it currently ships FOR FREE right now (see below)! It doesn’t get any better than that.

Another excellent and highly consumer rated choice is the Vitra brand far infrared sauna, which gets a great review because it comes with all the bells and whistles, and is truly a high quality brand name with a great construction and modern design.

It’s beautiful to look at, and also comes with something our sauna also comes with which I can’t recommend more, light therapy. It’s higher priced, but in my opinion an infrared sauna is a big investment, and it really does hold true that you get what you pay for in this arena. See below for excellent deal.

This is the type of sauna you’d see in a high end health club, and just looking at it gives you a feeling of relaxation and calm. It’s got the same high quality ceramic far infrared heaters that are a must for these types of saunas, and solid wood design, with a built in radio and CD player.

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